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Lion awakening Anthony latest boots Jordan Melo M9 released 2013-12-08 22:51:47 last season with James, Wade and Bosh win a championship ring, another symbol of the 03 generation of the character Cameron Anthony in its stimulus this season has finally come, whether it is personal data and the team have reached the peak of the occupation career. This season Nicks's prospects were also consistent about. On the other hand, Anthony's personal signature Jordan Melo M9 boots on Christmas day in time and again has finally officially released. Today, Jordan Brand also released the specific sale date of this shoe, it is learned that the United States on January 9th, 7 different color matching Jordan Melo M9 will be fully sold shelves, priced at $140, you want to try friends must not miss.The day before the release of the adidas network for the warriors and rockets to create Chinese Lunar New Year Special Edition Jersey, retained the classic elements of the whole team, and the team is selected Chinese chest rendering, the year of the sheep in cuffs embroidered logo. Let the shirt as a whole exudes a strong Chinese New Year atmosphere, and the Rockets Official also invited Yao boss for publicity. At present, there is no information on the sale of the team's clothes, interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports.Nike SB and Paul Rodriguez has always been a skateboarder maintained long-term cooperative relations, at the beginning of the year for the Paul Rodriguez brand new design of special P-Rod 8 also took the lead in the online exposure of people to manufactured goods full of expectations, but the day before finally officially released the brand shoes. P-Rod 8 is equipped with a full palm Lunarlon outsole, for the foot of the home to bring adequate protection, and the use of Dynamic Flywire technology and Hyperscreen coated upper than the past design is more light, flexible, wear-resistant. Shoes will be on June 21st International Go Skateboarding Day that day through the sale. 0.jpg (315.53 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-28 upload at 21:09 1.jpg (237.55 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-28 upload at 21:09 2.jpg (233.93 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-28 upload at 21:09 3.jpg (451.61 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-28 upload at 21:09 4.jpg (237.68 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-28 upload at 21:09 5.jpg (337.59 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-28 upload new at 21:09, Nike HD no watermark shoes wallpaper and uploaded to the 2015-5-23 10:45:21 Author: blank reading: 458 recommended: 0 reply: 1 category: SN jordans on sale mens K shoes informationFan: often commissioning editor date: 2017-3-3: Insta Pump Fury HD A Doraemon version on sale soon recently, Packer x atmos x Reebok three party duer A dream version Insta Pump Fury released, shoes use blue and white red color, shoes and linings with plush material, inflatable valve is made duer A dream bell appearance. In addition to adult money, this shoe is introduced with children and jackets. This shoe will be officially sold on March 4th.Nike Air Yeezy 2 "Red October" kan Ren Autographed version 2014-05-06 22:46:31 eBay reproduction fetish! A day ago by Kanye West Nike Air signature; Yeezy 2 "Red October" in eBay shocking debut, now Kanye had gone to Adidas, so this by its signature red coconut is more precious. If you have such a in your hand; Kanye West Pro signed Air Yeezy 2 "Red October", you will choose to collect it or sell it? mita sneakers launches a new round of cooperation to create Nike Air Max 95 + 2013-12-08 22:06:31 mita sneakers is very hot recently, and just released the two new shoes with Adidas Originals, and this time launched a new round of cooperation with Nike. The object of the collaboration is the Air Max 95+ BB which has just appeared. The blue color of the fluorescent blue is skillfully matched with the black, and the Air Max 360 full palm air cushion is used. The comfort and the wrapping are not to be said.When the German national team training session, athletes wearing a Nike and Adidas sneakers. [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] 2012 European Cup staged on Saturday when Germany and Portugal battle, sponsors Nike (Nike) and Adidas (Adidas) to compete for the championship of soccer equipment sales but also raging battle. Portugal is wearing a red Nike shirt, Germany wearing a white shirt is Adidas, also shows that in the past, Adidas, Nike dominates the football field away a large market share. Adidas since 1949 to enter the football field. The fortune in the 1960s, Nike is reached until 1994 football market. Nike in 1996 became the sponsor of the Brazilian national team in football starting impressive. "Brazil Nike sponsorship deal brings market share and (football field) brand influence. This is also the symbol of Nike brand strategy," Professor of Sport England strategy and marketing at Coventry University Simon Chadwick said. Nike headquarters in Oregon after the start of a big marketing action, while sponsored a series of high popularity of the players and the team, including the Portuguese striker C Lo. Recently a sponsorship contract with Nike, Adidas war between Germany and the French national team is competing for sponsorship contracts. Adidas managed to keep the home team's contract, but the French team was impressed by Nike's sponsorship amount Nike reportedly promised to provide va air jordan 11 space jam for sale lue to the French team brought to 300 million euros ($ 374 million) in. Nike in 1996 and Brazil signed a sponsorship deal for the 100 million pounds. As the world's largest sports equipment brand, Nike has been investing on the football field, and enhance the international influence of the brand. According to sports research consultancy REPUCOM and SPORT + MARKT data show that football in the world with about 2 billion fans, basketball fans around the world, there are 1.2 billion ranked second. Each high popularity sponsored teams and players, through their influence on the fans to sell their products. An analyst at Morningstar, said Paul Swinand, such as the 2012 European Cup tournament, sales of football merchandise can be about 5% of the increase. German consultancy PR Marketing data that in 2012 global sales of football merchandise will be more than four billion euros. He estimates Adidas market share of approximately 38%, 36%, followed by Nike places. Adidas said that by the 2012 European Cup, driven by sales of its football-related products in 2012 will be more than 1.5 billion euros ($ 1.87 billion). Adidas sponsored the six European Cup teams: the defending champion Spain, Ukraine, Denmark, Germany, Greece and Russia. with annual sales of over 20 billion US dollars, said Nike, 2011 fiscal year had $ 1.8 billion in revenue from the football product. Nike in the European Cup bets include Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Croatia and Poland five teams. Nike's Umbro (Umbro) brand is brought to England, Sweden and Ireland. Puma (Puma) brought to Italy and the Czech Republic. Experts said that due to the hold adidas and FIFA and Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and other clubs in the cooperation agreement, the European market leader Nike. "In Europe, people are still prejudiced view that Adidas has traditionally been associated with football, and Nike is not," Chadwick said, but he added, "the next 10 years, we can see in this Nike a share of the market will overtake Adidas. " SPORT + MARKT is responsible for market information Andreas Ullmann estimate that the 2012 European Cup is expected to sell copy shirts 7,000,000, which alone can guarantee at least 500 million euros (623 million US dollars) in retail sales. Ullmann said Nike trying to prove themselves to be "meddle in football," the global brand. However, he said Adidas is the basis for a strong rival, more robust connections, which makes Nike rather than Adidas daunting task. "I think, Nike football can do is to continue to invest to build its football assets, Nike is going to tell the fans a long-term battle in football, in addition to the do nothing. This is not just about money question, it is related to football enthusiasm, "Chadwick of Coventry University. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News), on this Christmas holiday, the Jordan brand shoes series draws inspiration from the cardinal color matching and the unique printing of AJ VII. It pays tribute to Michael Jordan's important career, and brings the latest technology to basketball court. This year, Jordan brand signing players, including Cameron Anthony, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Butler, Otto Potter and Reggie Bullock will wear the following combat shoes, played the Christmas event. pays tribute to the important moment of Michael Jordan's career every year when the Christmas holiday is coming, NBA fans will turn their eyes to the most attractive Christmas events. As an annual showcase of gorgeous technology and unique personal style, this year it will also be a series of best match to let the best players of the League shine. in the era of Michael Jordan's campaign for NBA, he brought many surprises to basketball fans with countless victories and performance. Whether it's a match between the old enemy of New York or the star players, Michael Jordan continues to present the unfailing Christmas events for the fans. in Michael Jordan's career, his encounter with the New York Nicks team was always full of dramatic focus campaigns. The tension between the eastern rivals at the end of 1992, in particular, because in the previous season, it was Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls beat New York Nicks after seven fierce battle in the Eastern Conference semifinals, to make it out of the championship. In the 1992-93 season, New York and Chicago met again in Manhattan on Christmas day. This match is the best performance of Michael Jordan in the Christmas War. He led the Chicago bulls to win the New York Nicks team by 89-77. The individual won 42 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 snatches. During this part of the 1992-93 season, Michael Jordan was wearing the "cardinal" color Air Jordan VII. The Air Huarache - inspired shoe shines: all white shoes with dark red highlights, and bronze details add a sense of fashion. JORDAN MELO M11 Jordan Melo M11, with high quality leather upper, is decorated with golden spots, adding a texture to the latest Anthony signature shoes. JORDAN SUPER.FLY3The shoe upper of Jordan Super.Fly3 is decorated with a crimson Air Jordan VII printing, with a slope with a middle bottom that makes the shoes more dynamic. 〉 in July 15th, Thailand's prime minister, announced that Thailand will implement a total cost of 49 billion baht ($1 billion 460 million) of the anti poverty plan, to help domestic enterprises and the public to reduce the pressure caused by soaring prices, and stimulate economic development, improve the current government's support rate. anti-poverty programs subsidize a number of daily expenses according to Mr. Samak introduction, anti poverty program for low-income groups, including reduced fuel tax, to raise the gas price reduction, water and electricity, to provide free non air conditioned car traffic, provide free transportation of 6 initiatives. in particular, lower the fuel tax rate is to reduce the consumption tax rate of diesel and ethanol gasoline. At present, the government of the Thailand has imposed a consumption tax of 3.685 baht per liter of diesel and ethanol gasoline, and an oil fund of 3 baht to 3.45 baht. After the new plan is implemented, the government will only impose a consumption tax of 0.01 baht for each liter of diesel and ethanol gasoline. The retail price of fuel is correspondingly reduced. Relief refers to the monthly water utilities, less than 50 liters of water from the family, the burden of the government; the monthly electricity consumption of less than 80 units of electricity from the family, the burden on the government, the monthly electricity consumption in 81 units to 150 units in the family, half of its electricity by the government. Free transportation means that passengers who take non air-conditioned buses in Bangkok are exempted from fares, and half of the 1600 buses in the city are to be used to provide free services to commuters. The subsidy is financed by financial funds. All three track public transport in China are free of charge to passengers, and the expenses are borne by the government. in these measures, measures to reduce the fuel consumption tax rate began in July 25th; other measures came into effect on August 1st, with a period of 6 months. Thailand's prime minister, said to the public, the implementation of this anti-poverty plan, the government of Thailand to come up with at least 46 billion baht ($1 billion 460 million). However, some official documents show that the tax relief program costs at least 49 billion baht. Among them, 32 billion baht for reducing the fuel consumption tax, 3 billion 930 million baht for free to the 3 million 200 thousand low-income families in tap water, 12 billion baht for 985 thousand families to provide electricity subsidies, 1 billion 200 million baht for Bangkok and Bangkok on the outskirts of free public transportation subsidies, 250 million baht for providing financial subsidies to the passenger train ride free. director of kasikornbank Pei Mengwan at macro economic evaluation of Thailand think-tank said, from the above) this year, the Fen lake high tech Zone Beishe community shoemaking enterprises as the representative of the Wujiang footwear exports remains contrarian growth, an increase of over 20%. according to the Wujiang State Administration of inspection and statistics, in the first 11 months of this year, Wujiang exported more than 1.3 footwear products, more than 48 million pairs, the value of exports amounted to 350 million U. s.dollars. Among them, more than 95% of export footwear sold to Japan, the Japanese market, 10 pairs of women's shoes, 7 pairs from Wujiang. good shoes quality Wujiang Beishe, was once a famous shoe town. In the 80s and 90s of last century, the rise of township enterprises in South of Jiangsu has trained a large number of related production management personnel and professional technical workers. The famous sociologist Fei Xiaotong in the "Nine" in the village's visit to Jiang Bei she had mentioned the Shengda leather shoes factory, and put it as township enterprises from the primary mill as a typical example in its modern management factory type analysis. "Beishe in Wujiang has been the center of the footwear industry. After years of development, has become the manufacturing here all kinds of fashion shoes, sandals, casual shoes, boots, snow boots, slippers and other professional footwear export production base from the development of single slippers production, the market continues to expand coverage." Wujiang State Inspection Bureau official said, Wujiang shoes can have the size of the current, the key point is to sing the quality of the classics. At present, Wujiang has more than 10 foreign clients authorized by the third party inspection agency, specializing in the export of footwear manufacturing enterprises to provide quality inspection services, enterprises export footwear products failed to decline year by year. Located in the Fen lake high tech Zone Jiasheng shoes, many years ago, a sample of export slippers were tested to contain banned substances, to help businesses and products export, Wujiang CIQ and Nanjing textile laboratory through cooperation, to find the causes of the banned substances exceed the standard and put forward reasonable solutions, so that enterprises have 100 thousand pairs of slippers smoothly exported to france. unit price higher than the province's the road of development is not smooth sailing. in recent years, more and more private capital into the industry, raw materials prices, labor costs rose, so that the actual benefits of enterprises gradually reduced. To this end, Wujiang footwear enterprises through the registration of brands, patent applications, the introduction of modern equipment and enhance value-added, such as transformation and upgrading of effective ways to seek new ways of development. located in the Fen lake high tech Zone ZTE shoes, relying on the introduction of advanced technology and equipment and modern production line, covers an area of 20 acres of the plant needs only 200 workers, to achieve the transformation of the labor-intensive to technology intensive, value-added products to increase. The company