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Nike, Air, VaporMax, after the launch of a lot of topics, but no matter what, I believe Nike will improve the technology, and then extended to the full product line. This pair of VaporMax Trainer is a good confirmation. Nike changes Flyknit shoes of running shoes to Fuse shoes for training shoes. It increases stability and adds strength to shoes. KAWS has been really active lately, with the addition of a KAWS x Air Jordan 4 in conjunction with Jordan. In Shanghai will also host the first Asian exhibition "Where The End Starts began in the end point", the exhibition will jointly presented by the Yu Deyao Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art of American Fort worth. The exhibition includes art forms such as street art, sculpture, oil painting and so on. And from today until March 27th to open the booking channel, like friends to seize the booking ah!In order to commemorate MJ baseball Jordan Brand occupation career, will launch two to baseball glove inspired Air Jordan 9 Pinnacle "Baseball" Pack, which had been set to introduce the "black box" sale mode, today is to bring about this set of complete sale shop information, in addition, there are a series of baseball clothing and caps will also debut. 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Because Michael · Jordan himself, so he was at the foot of the Jordan Air shoes are important to commemorate the year with Jordan's jersey No. 23, no.. So Cheap jordans online every pair of Jordan Air shoes are born 23 years will be the year of the shoe. In order to Jordan Air 7 this pair of shoes is very memorable moment, we summed up on Jordan Air 7 you need to know the seven things to share to everyone, so that we have more understanding of the Jordan Air 7 pairs of shoes. before the beginning of the first or to the science about this pair of Jordan Air 7. Air Jordan was born in 1992 7, Michael · Jordan's seventh double signature shoes. Compared three generations ago this pair, air jordan 7 the biggest change is to give up the before and after the separation, heel window air sole air cushion design, but reduce the bottom thickness, a piece of full palm Air sole air cushion is hidden in the bottom inside. In 1991 designer Tinker Hatfield design the huarache philosophy of sports shoes, works at the time of the air jordan basketball shoes, and also the tinker under, in this pair of air jordan 7, Tinker Hatfield the huarache concept into them, so we in the air jordan 7 see hollowed out the upper and full palm inside the shoe design. This is following the air jordan 4 and a pair of lightweight concept to create the air jordan boots, through hidden in the bottom and huarache technology application, this pair of shoes will light quantitative concept reflected a more complete. We see air jordan 7 tongue has a pattern similar to the national pattern. These patterns of design inspiration from African tribal culture. one, that year the rabbit that AJOur cartoon stars Bugs Bunny and Michael · Jordan, what is the relationship? Let us take time transferred to 1992, listed in this pair of shoes, Nike on a whim, find the cartoon stars Bugs Bunny and Michael; Jordan along with the completion of the air jordan 7 advertising photography, this pair of white as the color the first air jordan 7 a nickname called "hare", Chinese translation of the hare hare, here also represents the bugs bunny. AJ7 23 anniversary this year, this pair of shoes is also ushered in the re engraved, the last time is a complex and Jordan Air 16 together in the form of CDP set. Air〉 Bugs Bunny& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes Network May 8 hearing, May 6, received the "First Financial Daily" Junhua brother sent a message that the new Nike announced a five-year plan for the future, Greater China revenue is expected to increase by over 10%, while in February 2009 to February 2010 Greater China revenue of $ 1.277 billion, down 4%, now look, this is definitely a radical plan, you know Report Nike rival Adidas was soon released Q1 2010 show that its Greater China sales of 198 million euros, dow cheap foamposites n 15 percent, partly regress performance, on the other hand has announced a five-year 10% annual growth rate, which is quite puzzling, I wish to talk about their own views, the right to make throwing bricks words. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; from the revenue side market, Nike's main consumer groups are concentrated in a city that municipality, part of the economic good of the capital city and to municipalities, while two or three Urban contribution level is not high, if you press both the mode of development, in the short term to achieve annual growth of Nike's 10%, it seems that some aggressive too, but Nike's five-year plan was not released from the hole, at least he is to reach the target Each step had precise reasoning and calculation. 2009, Nike signed the agreement with the super company, winning sponsorship decade, he invested in the future, he has always been good at investment in the future, 10% of the annual growth rate is also backing the digital believe that their odds be sure? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; brand licensing & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Converse and Umbro, Nike incorporated the two sporting goods brand, these two brands Sales in China is not good, but the two brands have wide popularity in China, if the Nike brand and Nike with two main brands (Nike's sports series, life series of Nike, Nike children's series) together, the formation of a corps, the combat enhancement lot. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; brand product lines & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike products with a higher price, high-end position in sports, and this is it in line market to achieve better performance of the important reasons, he with a strong brand, has won the high-end sporting goods consumers, but if Nike launched some models in the product line, for the second-tier market and third-line market, will hand from Li Ning and Anta Lane grab a lot of market share, this is for the Li Ning and Anta as well as - Global Brand Network - there are sporting goods manufacturers are a terrible thing. Some people may say, Nike will not self-destructive image of it? In fact, Nokia's low-end machines do not affect sales of its high-end products, but the achievements of its becoming a winner-take-all, the status of commercial competition, in this respect nothing is impossible. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; licensing channels of & nbsp; & nbsp; Some people say that Nike is limited profitability in secondary and tertiary markets. It has a multi-party reasons, but mainly due to the secondary and tertiary markets, Nike outlets generally purchase from Nike distributor, and the primary market outlets Nike Nike distributor usually opened, so the cost of getting goods to secondary and tertiary markets higher, while the second and third tier market, consumer groups, compared with Nike's line market there are many differences, which is limited twenty-three market profitability mainly Nike, if Nike adjust the product line, or reform channels, Let channel flat, then Nike in secondary and tertiary markets competitive on the people with admiration. If the secondary and tertiary markets to strengthen competitiveness, then Nike distribution in these markets will be strengthened, and domestic brand channel advantage will be greatly reduced. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese economic card & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; nearly communicate with friends, I often say, ten years from now, are we The best years of sporting goods retail industry, why do you say? China's economy in the next decade, will be sustainable development, while China's sports population in the next decade will be sustained and stable growth, sporting goods consumption is bound to increase, but in the next decade, is also China city Process critical decade, this decade will be a significant increase in the urban population, but also to further uplift sporting goods consumption, while it after ten years, China will enter the aging society, the natural population growth vary widely, sports population started to decrease , that this decade is the key decade China sporting goods industry, who in this decade to become king, then he will be for the future Chinese sports goods market leader. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike's five-year plan, China seems to be the Nike sporting goods industry in the future of a judgment, or five years too long, seize the day, Let us look at how the 2010 Nike breaking. Also looking forward to the domestic sports brand five-year plan. in the face of the impact of China's shoe products, Mexico footwear industry is planning to set up an anti Chinese product front, in order to safeguard the healthy survival of the enterprise. Mexico Guanajuato footwear industry chamber of Commerce President Jose Antonio?? Abujiabeier said, Mexico footwear manufacturers should apply jointly to the WTO reserves the right to levy punitive tariffs Chinese products. At present, Mexico's punitive tariffs on China's shoes products range from 35% to 1105%. Starting next year will be reduced to a maximum of about 100%. Abu Gabel pointed out that only the footwear industry combined to the WTO to submit the related documents and the data, in order to prove the next year if the cancellation of the tax on China shoes products, will reduce the 250 thousand direct jobs to the footwear industry in Mexico. It is reported that the footwear industry association of Guanajuato represents 65% of the footwear manufacturers in Mexico. Mexico trade and Industry Development Minister Hai Mei? Serra? Puce is committed to helping the footwear industry to retain China shoes to impose punitive tariffs on measures. Jose people responsible for the Mexican Economic Ministry of international trade department? Manuel? Vargas stressed that the footwear manufacturers must be presented to the relevant departments and organizations in November next year before the requirements continue to impose tariffs on China. (Editor: admin) in recent years, more and more Chinese manufacturing enterprises have come into Africa and have expanded their production scale. These "Chinese manufacturing" combined with the local market, in the country where convenient African consumers and enhance export capacity, but also brought the local needs of technology, training a group of skilled workers for local; which will promote the country's industrialization process. in Addisababa, 20 kilometers north of the town of Su Malouda Road, an area of nearly 80 thousand square meters of new building eye-catching, hospital of the five-star red flag flying high, this is put into operation in November last year in Africa leather Limited by Share Ltd is located. in Africa leather Limited by Share Ltd assistant manager Xu Jianliang told reporters on 2006, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles to visit China, that Chinese advanced leather processing technology, very much hope that the company can build a modern Chinese investment in Ethiopia tannery enterprises, to promote the leather processing and export of ethiopia. Ethiopia is a big country in animal husbandry; cattle have more than 40 million livestock stocks, and goats and sheep have more than 20 million livestock stocks. Leather processing is one of the pillars of the Ethiopian manufacturing industry, is the main export industry. In order to protect its own industries, Ethiopia banned the export of raw leather and imposed higher tariffs on the export of acid skin and dyed leather. But subject to the national technical capacity, the country's leather exports are still low grade products, value-added products is not large, so that industrial development has been restricted. during the visit to Henan he Chinese, Xinxiang Kuroda Akiryo Leather Co. company invited in Beijing and Ethiopia held talks. After two years of preparation, African Development Fund and the Kuroda Akiryo company reached an agreement to jointly set up in Africa leather Limited by Share Ltd. The company is located in the vicinity of Ethiopia's original leather center, one hundred or two hundred km north of the origin is the high-quality raw skin. Jacob, chief executive of the company, was involved in the construction of the company when he studied abroad in China. He said: "this is the largest leather producer in Ethiopia and is very important to the farmers and herdsmen here."." it is understood that in Africa leather Limited by Share Ltd a total investment of $27 million, designed annual production capacity of 4 million 500 thousand pieces of finished leather. Xu Jianliang said, in the first 4 months the company has many production, exports $1 million 800 thousand for ethiopia. If we can achieve maximum productivity, will increase the annual export volume of about $20 million for the development of Ethiopia, and indirectly promote the animal husbandry industry chain, 50 thousand local farmers will benefit. (Editor: afnhk)the first year a total of 5 double color for sale, including the first Olympic inspired color, Michael Jordan himself won the Olympic gold medal in 1992, together with the United States in its "dream team", this pair of Olympic colors of Air Jordan 7 is only a pair of heels for the number "9" (Jordan national team number) color, the shoes are the number 23". When the 〉 in 2010 in order to meet the "worldAfter released the Roshe Daybreak NM retro color, Nike continued to launch a new color for the mixed blood shoes. This time, a minimalist, clean, comfortable Roshe NM sole is used, with almost all white versions dotted with black at the Swoosh and heel, and the full black version with a little orange and blue. It is reported, shoe paragraph two colors, already can be bought by Nike store including Undefeated, $120 price. Air Jordan VII Retro (Joe 7 replica) with black / grey color, tongue and bottom parts of the dark purple, dark yellow, dark blue and colorful design, the Air Jordan VII (Joe 7) the overall look is more abundant, retro feeling stronger. In the material, the uppers did not use leather, but rather used a more retro sense of suede fabric. For more information, please follow our follow-up reports. item: at the moment, this Air Jordan 2 Retro will be on sale at the Jordan Brand counter in May 1st this year. White black red color seems to be the first year of the texture, tongue of the first generation of Air Jordan standard is very suitable for love nostalgic taste, and as the Air Jordan series of veteran players, and so has color, its meaning and value are great, but compared to the crocodile version believe the price is also an advantage.